By Alex Howard, Nov 2 2017 11:21PM

I am giving a talk at Wendover Library on November 14 so if you're free, do come along !

By Alex Howard, Nov 1 2017 10:17PM

A while ago I wrote a Victorian thriller which, although it enthused my agent, failed to rouse a similar level of interest in my publishers. So I am about to incorporate it into a new book where the action shifts from today, back to Victorian times and then backwards and forwards. It should be fun !

By Alex Howard, Sep 10 2017 10:58PM

Back to Dumbarton, this time to move my mother who has dementia, from a home at Cardross down to a home here where I live in Bucks.

So I hired a private ambulance and off we went on our 400 mile journey. The Paramedics were great and a day which I had, in all honesty been dreading, went well.

So far, in my life, nothing has been as bad as I expected, except peridontal surgery which was far, far worse.

By Alex Howard, Aug 8 2017 10:57PM

Up early tomorrow morning to drive the four hundred miles up to Glasgow to visit my mother in a care home. It's an all too common problem, just about everyone I know has got an elderly relative with dementia.

As I'm driving, rather than flying, it makes packing so much easier, you can just keep flinging things into the car, 'oh, that'll come in handy....'

The dog is coming too. He is full of nervous excitement. He hates it if I go away, he's pretty sure he is going too, his basket and bowls are in the car, but he doesn't know for certain.

He loves car journeys and is ever so good. He just lies down in the back and goes to sleep. Wish I could !

By Alex Howard, Jul 7 2017 11:28PM

I was at the Tate Modern for the Giacometti exhibition which was great fun. The only problem was that you saw one Giacometti and thought, 'that was great,' then another and you'd think, 'that was good, but it was a bit like the other one,' and then another and then you begin to think, 'well. that's all well and good but can't you do something a bit different.'

Nothing wrong in that, AC/DC seem to have done the same song over and over again for years. But a bit of variation doesn't go amiss.

That being said, it was great !

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