By Alex Howard, Jun 30 2017 11:55PM

Currently I am very engaged in setting up a new website for HVCoombs, which is the name I write under for more light-hearted crime fiction. My slow computer skills means that this takes absolutely ages !

By Alex Howard, Jun 3 2017 08:58PM

I have just received the final proofs of a new novel featuring a new lead character, a chef called Ben Hunter who gets involved in crime.

It's being published by Harper Collins at the beginning of July, more info to follow.

By Alex Howard, Apr 10 2017 11:31PM

Well, after about a month of intermittent study, I am now very slowly, getting the hang of writing in HTML and styling in CSS.

Well done me.

My new book, under a new name, HVCoombs, has been copy and content edited and is now at the stage of hanging around until July when it's published.

I've been up to Scotland to see my parents, been to Edinburgh where I have a flat and been to Munich in Bavaria where I went to the Modern Art Gallery, the Hitler Museum and Ludwig's castle.

Phew !

By Alex Howard, Mar 8 2017 11:20PM

Like many writers, I am not terribly technically minded. So when I managed to tidy up this web-site a bit, very slowly indeed, I did feel quite proud of myself. So now I'm learning HTML. That means, every night, from 11pm until midnight, I log on to this learning website & try to write code. I have the ability of a clever six year old.

So that means I am studying French (A level standard), Italian & German (GCSE standard) and coding (child level). I sometimes wonder why I'm doing this, spending my time studying for no discernible reason.

By Alex Howard, Mar 1 2017 12:43AM

I was at the Whitechapel Gallery today to see the Paolozzi, which was great. I put some pictures on Facebook. When I paid to get in, I am sure I used a £20 note. When I worked in pubs I was taught to always lay the note out on the till until you give change, in case of dispute.

Not so here.

The girl gave me change for £10.

Had I paid her twenty or ten ? I wasn't sure. Meekly, I pocketed my money & said nothing. It's a kind of lose, lose situation. I suppose the Whitechapel benefited & it was a great show.

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